Why You Should Find A Local For Wine Tasting In Venice

Top Tips To Help You Locate The Perfect Local For Wine Tasting In Venice

Italy is known for its love of food and wine. It is a key part of the experience and the reason many people are drawn to the country. Of course, the impressive history and architecture play a part, as does experiencing the fabulous waterways of Venice.

That’s why you should visit Venice and find the perfect local for wine tasting in Venice. It is hard to beat the experience.

Go Small For Perfect Local Wine tasting In Venice

If you want to experience some of the best local wines you should visit the smaller bars, such as Adagio in San Polo. This type of establishment pays attention to local producers and ensures you get an authentic experience of Italy.

The key to smaller bars is that their hosts are more attentive and will happily share their knowledge with you. That will help you to find the best wines and enjoy the perfect local wine tasting in Venice.

Variety Is the Spice Of Life

While it is true that variety is the spice of life there are only so many different wines you can sample at one time. It is best to opt for a smaller wine tasting event with perhaps 20 types of wine. This gives you quality over quantity and you will notice the difference.

Independent Choices

Perhaps the real beauty of choosing a small, local wine tasting event in Venice is that the owners will have hand-picked the wines they consider to be the best. The larger the bar or restaurant the less likely it is the owner will be directly involved.

In short, for the authentic experience, you need to choose a smaller, locally owned, establishment and embrace the experience.